high-level music tagging [bad english content :3]

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"niknils similar tag format" )))

it's must have for ai and easy to human reading

it's used for tagging track in playlist or globally (for userdata / installation)

format: %'<nickname>'<date>'<version>

need something from it (date, nickname or version) for valid work

<nickname> this format can't being at numbers
<date> uses postfix (Sm=summer, Fb=february); 2022Sm
<version> uses version (just by numbers for easy parsing)

example synopsis:

this "format" always beings at " %' " chars (if my style for description synopsis next)

%'0'25fb - you at 25 feb
%'1 - your music idenity no 1 (fav music path)
%'somepeople'1 - music version no 1 for/of "somepeople"

nickname - isn't real nickname and isn't work with "sync network"

this syntax uses for make unique indentifiers (but in groups) for all tags

i think about it - "must have"

[end of -e-v-a-n-g-e-l-i-o-n- bad english]

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Comments: 0